Batch Processing with a Script

How to use a pre made script
when doing a batch process of several files.

A PSP 8 Tutorial for May 22, 2003

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This tutorial will require the levelsjpg.pspscript file we created in last weeks tutorial. If you didn't make one, please do the Scripting tutorial first.

AOL Clinic participants only: If you didn't make one or no longer have it, please find the levelsjpg.pspscript in the folder where you unZIP this weeks tutorial. Using Windows Explorer, COPY or MOVE the file to your Program Files/ PSP8/Trusted Scripts folder.

If you made one from the Scripting Tutorial, use yours which should already be in the trusted scripts folder. In this weeks folder are 5 JPG images to Batch convert.

You will need these files to work on in PSP8.

Click each thumbnail image on the right then save the bigger images to a folder on your hard drive.

Remember the location!

The scenario: We have these 5 images at 800 X 600 photos or 450 X 600 which we want to fix up using with a levels adjustment, resize to 50 percent, apply an unsharp mask and save as a JPEG for a web site.

Here is how:

Open PSP8.

Make sure the scripting toolbar is visible.

If its not, go to View on the Menu Bar> Toolbars> Scripting ToolBar and toggle it on.

Make sure levelsjpg is the active script on the script name box on the scripting toolbar.

If its not, click the drop down arrow and choose it from the list.

Since we are going to use the SAVE function on the Batch Process box, click the Edit Script button and set up the script as follows:

Make sure Levels, Resize, Select Layer, Unsharp Mask are all set to Silent by clicking the drop down boxes next to the script commands box and choosing silent from the list.

UNCHECK JPEG Optimiser. This will prevent this command from running in our batch processing stuff.

Press the Save button to save the script with the changes we made then press close.

Your script editor window should look a bit like mine as in the image on the left.


Still looking the blank PSP Window, go to File on the Menu Bar then select Batch > Process from the drop down bar.

On the Batch Process Dialog box, use the Look in drop down box browsing to the folder where you downloaded the tutorial. CTRL + Click on the following Files: Brugmansia.jpg, Donkey.jpg, PhoenixBloom.jpg, Sago.jpg and Senic.jpg.

These files will show up in the File Name box.

In the Script box, click the browse button and navigate to the Trusted Scripts Folder under the PSP8 folder.

Locate and select the levelsjpg.pspscript you made (or the one I did and you moved there. )

Check the run script in silent mode or not. We made changes by editing that made everything silent anyways.. so it doesn't matter with this script if the box is checked or not.

In the Save Mode box, check the radio button for New Type.

Under Save Options, Pick JPEG-JFIF Compliant from the drop down box.

Click on the Options button next to that and set the JPG compression to Standard, 25 and the Chroma Sub sampling (???) to default.

Press OK.

Under Folder in Save Options, Browse to another folder besides the one where the images reside.

Under New File Name click the Modify button.

On Rename Options, pick document name, then press the ADD button in the middle of the Dialog box to add this to the right hand column.


Next, we want to identify these somehow as NOT being the originals, so pick Custom Text and pick ADD to add it to the right hand column as well.

In the Custom Text Box, which is blank under the right hand column, type in Sm to indicate small. Or whatever. Keep it short.



Note in the dialog box the File rename formatter now says, DocumentName:Original|sm' and the example output name is DocumentNamesm.

Press OK. Trust me on this one, folks.

The batch process dialog box should look like mine.

Press the Start button next to Filename area to start the batch processing process.

Watch the batch process box which hops up.

Notice the steps PSP goes through to process these five Images.

Note how the file names came out so you can relate the batch process rename area to the final file name.

Pretty fast and clean huh?

The end.

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