Exploring the Shape Tool and Editing Vector Shapes in PSP8

Learn how to create a preset shape then edit the shape
using the Knife Tool. Place and edit Text on a Path

A PSP 8 Tutorial for June 12, 2003

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Note: This tutorial requires the image created at completion of Taming the Text Tool in PSP 8.

On the layer palette, collape the vector layer with the two lines of text on it and turn off the eye icon to make it invisible.

Pick the background layer on the layer palette, then select the Preset Shape Tool on the tool bar.

On the color palette, change the foreground/ outline
color to black and the background/ fill color to transparent.

Notice the Tool Options Palette changes to reflect the options for the shape tool.

Click the down arrow next to the thumbnail of the shape presets
( Not the Presets thing on the far left ). Choose the ellipse.

Set the line width to 2 on the options palette.
Check Create as vector and Check anti- alias.

In the image, drag out an ellipse
like I have shown on the left.

Transfer it to the upper part
of the image.

To edit the properties of the shape, click on it with the vector selector tool. Then either double click on it, or use the far left properties icon on the tool options bar.
This, however, doesn't let you edit the nodes on the object only the color and line stuff.

So how do we edit the shape?

AH HA, here is a huge change from PSP version 7.

To edit a vector shape, pick the Pen Tool from the Tool Bar.



Instantly, the selected vector shape shows off its editing nodes.

Notice the new tools on the Tool Options Palette.

Most importantly, notice the 3 modes.

Edit Mode, Drawing Mode and Knife Mode.

For this example, pick the knife mode.

The new knife tool cuts the curve where it crosses the shape's contour. :)

Let's try it. Pick the knife and starting outside the ellipse, drag across the whole top third of the shape.

Notice in the screenshot the two red double circles where the knife line intersected the ellipse.

Let's delete the cut line.

On the tool options bar pick the Edit mode tool.

Click the node at the top of the ellipse to select it. Press the delete key on the keyboard.


All that remains is the tea cup shaped part of the ellipse. ;)

Pick the Drawing mode tool, and set the segment type to point to point on the options bar.

Create a little handle for the cup by clicking near the cup and dragging 3 or 4 nodes in the shape of the handle.

When it's drawn, drag the top end node over the cut end node of the cup part.

When the word join appears on the screen, let go.

Cross the bottom node of the handle over the outline of the cup.

Next, change the width of the line to 4 on the tool options bar.


The handle and cup is all one piece. :0

That is your introduction to the new Vector shape editing stuff.

Back to the text. :)


On the layer palette, turn on the Text layer, Vector 1 by clicking the eye icon.




With the Vector Selector tool, move the text Not my cup of tea below the cup shape.

Select the Around the world Text then shift select the cup object.

From the Menu Bar click on Object > Fit text to path.

It's all screwed up.

Double click on the Around the world layer on the layer palette, bringing up the text edit box.

On the Tool Options Palette, work on the kerning and leading properties of the whole line AND on individual words AND spaces to coax the text sit pretty on the tea cup and hang over the edge.

I did it simply by setting the alignment
to center on the options palette.




Our final image is...

Not great art today, but an exercise in the vector and text tools.

I hope this gives y'all something to build on.

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