Create a Brush Tip from a Selection

Use the vector based Pen tool to draw a shape. Convert it to raster, select it, make a Brush tip from the selection then create a Tool Preset for the Paint Brush.

A PSP 8 Tutorial for July 10, 2003

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Fire up PSP8, open a new file 400 X 300 24 bit color, white background.

1. Design the Shapes with Pen Tool

Pick the Pen Tool From the Tool Bar.

On the Tool Options Palette, set the following: Check Create as Vector, Draw mode = Freehand. Tracking 10.

Use a solid line style.


In the image, draw a blade looking shape.

When you lift the mouse button, the shape fills in.

Don't worry about the color and the outline
as we will change them later.



Draw a second and third shape
on either side of the center one.

Draw another 2 shapes on the outside
of shapes 2 and 3.

The neat new thing about PSP8 is that
while you keep the draw tool mode selected,
you can add more shapes to the vector shape, creating a single complex shape.

Without changing any settings
on the Tool Option Palette,
adjust any nodes to refine the shape
by selecting any node and dragging
it to a new location.

Try to end up with a shape like mine.

When satisfied with the form, switch to the
Vector Selector Tool on the Tool Bar.

It's a good time to save the file
in PSP's vector format.

Click the word File on the Menu Bar then Save.

Make sure to choose the pspimage format.

Name the file something like Catfeet. :)

Let's make the fill color a very dark grey. (Affects the transparency in the brush tip. Black being opaque, white being transparent.)

With the vector selector tool, select the shape.

On the color palette, click on the swatch for the background color opening the color palette.


On the color box, make sure the type is set to Solid.

Using on the square in the middle, click and drag the circle down the very left edge until the RGB reads about 70.

Click OK to set the color.

Set the outline color in the same fashion to pure black.

2. Convert the Shape to Raster.

On the layer palette, right click Vector 1 Layer then choose Convert to Raster from the fly out box. (Below)

Pick the Magic Wand tool on the Tool Bar.

If it is not visible, press the down arrow next
to the selection tool and pick the wand from
the fly out box.

Set the Tool Options as follows: Mode = Replace, Match Mode = RGB, Tolerance around 30. Set feather to 0 UNcheck Anti Alias. (Below)

With Raster 1 selected on the layer palette,
click in the white area off the shape.

Go to Selections on the Menu Bar.

Pick Modify > Inside Outside Feather
from the fly out boxes.




On the Dialog box, check the Outside feather radio box.

Enter 1 in the Feather amount box. Click OK.

Press the Delete Key on the keyboard to clean up
the feather. Don't expect to see any change though. :)

Do a Selections > Invert from the Menu Bar.

Only the shape will be selected.

3. Create the Brush Tip Preset.

With the selection marquee surrounding the black parts,
choose the Brush Tool from the Tool Bar.

On the Options Palette, click the down arrow
next to the Brush Tip thumbnail.

On the Brush tip Box, press the Create Brush Tip From Selection button.

On the Create Brush Tip box, type in a name for the tip like "A Cat Foot".
UNcheck save Variance.
Add any other information then press OK.

Click the down arrow next to the
Brush Tip Preset and find A Cat Foot.

Select it and press OK.

Remove the Selection from the image
by doing a Ctrl + D on the keyboard,
or going to Selection> None
on the Menu bar.

4. Setting up a Preset for the Brush.

Set some shade of green for the Foreground color
then paint across the image to see the base brush.

Notice a bit of the stoke underneath shows through.

Because we filled the brush shape with 70 percent black,
the actual stroke paints with 70 percent opacity of our color.

It is 30 percent transparent.

Let's set up a stylized grass preset for the Paint Brush Tool.
Then you experiment and create some presets of your own.

Clear the canvas with Delete key.

Set the Following on the Options Palette:

Size 71, Step 32, Density 100,

Rotation 0, Opacity 100, Blend normal. Check Continuous.

On the Variance Palette
(Toggle on with F11 or go to View > Palettes > Brush Variance)
set up the following.

All in Normal setting:
Set the jitters...

Color Blend 115,
Hue 20, Rotation 10
Leave the others at 0

At the bottom set Fade Rate 30
Position jitter 120
Check scale
Impressions per step 5.




Paint a bit with the brush.

If you like what you see,
save this as a preset!

Press the down arrow next to the Presets icon.

Press the Save Preset Button


Name the Preset on the Save Preset box. I named mine
"A Nice Grass".

Enter any other info and press OK.


Look on the Preset box and find
"A Nice Grass", select it and press OK.

Use the Brush as you will. :)

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